Portland Community Zikr Every 3rd Saturday

Dear Ones,
The 3rd Saturday of each month the Portland Sufi community and NWSC will host an evening of Zikr and Sufi practice.
Please join us in praise of the One. All are welcome.
Multnomah Friends Meeting Hall , 4312 SE Stark St, Portland, OR
Doors will open at 6:30, Zikr begins at 7:00

Northwest Sufi Camp Zikr in the woods

The mystic on the spiritual path perseveres in wiping out this false ego as much as he can, by meditation, by concentration, by prayer, by study, by everything he does. His one aim is to wipe out so much, that one day reality, which is always there buried under the false ego, may manifest. And by calling on the Name of God, in the form of prayer, or in zikr, or in any other form, what the mystic does is to awaken the spirit of the real ego in order that it may manifest. It is just like a spring which rises out of the rock and which, as soon as the water has gained power and strength, breaks even through stone and becomes a stream. So it is with the divine spark in man. – Pir-of-Murshid Hazarat Inayat Khan

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