Friday Meditation

July 30, 2021 @ 6:30 pm – 8:00 pm
Murshida Rani McLaughlin's office
909 SW St Clair Ave
Portland, OR 97205
Murshida Rani McLaughlin

Since the early 1960s, mureeds of Hazrat Inayat Khan from around the world have gathered in their home countries, on the last Friday of each month, to read from the writings of Inayat Khan and to meditate on the Message. This practice was started by Gawery Voûte, a direct mureed of Inayat Khan, and is open to all sincere mureeds, regardless of organizational membership. This is a practice in which we meet each other in spirit to read, meditate, and pray; attuning ourselves to the Message of God.

In Portland, we are meeting at 6:30pm, on the last Friday of each month, in the office of Murshida Rani McLaughlin  at 909 SW St. Clair Ave Portland 97205. You are welcome to join in this practice of attuning to and embodying the Message of Spiritual Freedom, a Message which is so needed in our times.

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