Portland – Traveling the Inner Landscape – Dance Transmission

April 7, 2012 @ 8:00 pm – April 8, 2012 @ 12:00 am
Collins View Dance Center
318 SW Palatine Hill Rd
Portland, OR 97219
$20 if postmarked by March 31st (to Kalama Reuter, PO Box 2376 White Salmon, WA 98672) or $30 at the door
Kalama Reuter

Calling All Dancers for a Mini Dance Retreat – Dance transmission involves more than holding, creating and giving expression to the Dance atmosphere. Another key part of the experience is receiving. Openness to the Dance is what allows it to work in us. The treasure we find in surrendering to the sound, movement, and mantra is what brings us back again and again.

This workshop offers opportunities to deepen awareness of our inner state before, during, and after each Dance, using periods of silence and guidance for inner attunement. Short clearing practices using sound, poetry and movement will center us in preparation for the next dance.

Participants will have time to reflect on their experience and the resonance each dance has created within. Journaling is welcome and a brief form will facilitate written anonymous feedback for the Dance leader. Giving direct comments to the leaders from our own experiences of each dance will allow us to support their development. This brings the transmission full circle. “From you I receive, to your I give, together we share, from this we live.”

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